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less acrimony than the other siliquose plants, it may be leaves are herbaceous to the taste; the flowers attenu- ant, expectorant, and diuretic ; the seeds resemble in
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old : Chloral hydrate, thirty grains ; syrup of ipecac, half an ounce ; syrup of squill compound, two drams ; syrup of tolu,
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j perties of, or relating to, or containing sulphur. finnans Boylii — s. Kalicum, Potassae sulphuretum vitrio'li, Spir' itus vitrio'li ac" idus Vogle'ri, Elix-
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why epizootic abortion usually ceases after some years in herds which are kept isolated and do not receive fresh recruits.
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of the liver " and died. R. Wilson was the wife of Isaac Wilson of Kendal, and mother of three sons and of " the seven beautiful sisters." She became
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membranes extenuated ; the pericardium dry ; the blood coagulates slowly, if at all ; and putrefaction soon comes on. The fat appears completely Vasted ; the gall blad-
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of puerperal fever in woman. Pasteur, Colin, Chauveau and Doleris were the first to take up this question. In veterinary medicine several
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larger career which has stamped his personality on American Professor Tyson said that Dr. Osier had very naturally, because
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and the obsessions in turn exaggerate the tremors. These Shell-shock tremors are apparently not related to (though they may need differential diagnosis from) such conditions
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smell; scarcely if at all heavier than water. Mineral fiitch, brittle in cold weather, dark and opaque; gravity fusible and inflammable', specific gravity often 1.165.
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things tbat I have seen with my own eyes, and the truths Airer the South African War. I was a doctor in Canada. for ten years and when. during he second year of this war,
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preparations fail to cure ague, the best substitute, although a far inferior one, is probably arsenic, particularly in the form of Fowler's solution,
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L pathologia animato, ascribing most diseases to mites and minute worms, with I. kind of antitoxic therapy (Neuburger). Toward the end of the century the
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ly lubricated with clarified butter, and gently introduced with its mouth up-turned. The patient should be asked hold the enema (Vasti) with his left hand and press
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the seeds of lettuce, coltsfoot, endive and scariole, Si- of each ; ivory turnings, [roses] 3 i of each ; nutmeg, 3 2 ; juice of plantago, or else mix it entire therein ; §| {}) of
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The aorta ascendent is principally distributed to the thorax, head, and upper extremities: the superior por- tion of the aorta descendens furnishes the rest of the
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botanical enterprises. Of the lily tribe, Nerine curvifolia is known as Fothergill's lily : it bears an umbel of glittering
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mander males completely suppress ovarial development in newt females (fig. 8). The gonads of the latter are nearly sterile primitive folds in which the
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may have been for this reason that they were separately enumerated by the Indian anatomists ; they are dealt with frontal, the two parietal, and the occipital ; and there can be no
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Water (one-fifth per cent. oil). — See also, Menthol. Pepsin Merck.— U. S. P. — i:3,ooo; Powd., Granular, or Dose: 5 — 15grn. — Incompatibles: Alcohol, tannin, or alkali carbonates.
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ing fact IS tmalogous to ttic freedom from further sttAclu o( soarlatiiiA, ptiiuary sypliilitic induration or syphilitic ulcer, at (he monicot of in-
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that the type of cancers we were seeing were different. It was my colleague, Dr. Bill Taylor, who published the first paper on
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indrayava seeds and cumin seeds, each sixteen tolas, \a flne pow- der, and prepare a confection. Dose, about a drachm with
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of the arterial blood estimated. No evidence was obtained for the secretion of oxygen. Section of the vagi did not affect the degree of saturation of the
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ter Naturaui, <fec., p. II.— Martini, De Morhis Mesenlerii abstrusioribus, 8vo. Lips., \630.— Bart holinus, Hist. Anat.,
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or dispersion. The incessant labor of the mother told on the infant at the breast; it sickened and died. With returning health we worked our way
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Hayward, William Curling, M.B. Durh., Cairo, Egypt. 1900 Ileanley, Charles Montague, Middlesex Hospital. •\v. 1902 Heapy, Harold Ernest, 32, Carlton-road, Birkenhead.
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cultures it is single or in chains of two, three, or four elements, but most frequently in pairs, as diplococci, with a diameter transverse to the axis
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states, for the use of the Government, and that these loans had become payable, and he had not the means of paying them. He said that treasury
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AIDS cases. This increased demand for care is most difficult because most of these treatment centers are ©periling on a shoestring budget after being cut bacic 22% last year.
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est was slain at Newport battle, June 20, 1600. Her grandchildren, in the second generation, were 114 ; in the third, 228, and in the fourth, 9 ; so that
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'imagined; but the temporary teeth, and teeth consequently fall out. The gums those which are to succeed them, being then no longer meet in the fore part of the
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kernel a body and the kernel itself, so be well assured that, similarly, in the element itself there is a body and a spirit, so that the body has first to be sought
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experience of the right way of the cure of that disease. He took them in hand and through the I-ord's blessing recovered them all in a short
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under the severest form of psori- is now almost completely well." asis, affecting not only the scalp, "In squamous diseases, more
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Pickering-, Rowland Neville Uinfreville, .")U, Upper Berkeleij-st. av. Pickering", William Cowper, M. B. Lond., Northampton.
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the sacrum. It is observed firmly planted between the wide spreading hip bones of the ]ielvis, like the keystone of an ai-ch, and gives a strong
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