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slow asphyvy, and •ometimeB a combination of both. itant burning [mln, of\en alito existing in tlM thnrwt; vio- bowela an> little nAccLed : Uie pulse is very feebie, almost

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279,023 head were reported attacked of which 233,629 died or were killed and 40,165 recovered. In 1865 the plague was once more

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emollient. >ya., Herbabliti. A. campestris, Willd., Amarescent (am-ar-es'-ent). Growing bitter; slightly Amarillic {am-ar-il'-ik'). Pertaining to yellow fever.

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with Nalada and Padma (red lotus) and the polens of species. It should be prepared under the auspicious of favourable astral combinations and lunar planes of both

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a loopful of the culture and incubated at 37 degrees C. These were examined both as regards the appearance of the broth and

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Shoeing and the condition of the feet are also important factors. Animals that have a narrow chest or pelvis interfere because the

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thanks to the classical investigation of Kendall and istration of mineralo-corticoids, or M-Cs (such a.s c's of the so-called hypertensivi and rheumatic dis-

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«l'ying with hunger. It was woeful, i gave them all the bread I ha.d. The children were always asking for is no6one fo encourage hae, and again and again there

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trockene Feigen mit Wachssalbe, oder roh mit heissem Oel fein gerieben ; Wasserlinse oder Linse gekocht und mit heissem Oel zerrieben; gekochte

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formal network of university scientists, meets monthly to Our goal is to bridge the gaps in women's health and provide a better understanding of how specific diseases

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setting on the third day. Still, in the case of the leg he seems to recommend interference at every dressing ; and avvievai. ovto)<> ovv apyeoOai pkv alel )(PV T V V

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inhalations, good nutrition and treatment of the fever with quinine. Ex- ternally he preferred hot applications, and advised tracheotomy relatively

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""''"La crise et revolution de I'agriculture en Angleterre de 1875 a nos jours ; essai d'histoire economique, par Pierre Besse, ....

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M causeft of the JWeiiHe. Nothing certain ta known ri'gariliiig r CHUK. Fibromyomatu vary greatly in atzc They may be no

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&gt; 3 It being in the water. That is, according to the notion of the the first parents of the human race, was in the water. It is probably

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7 Sept. 1901. Palpitations du coeur. Visage: enflé. Réflexe: absent. Oedème: 12 Sept. Visage redevenu normal. Oedème a presque disparu.

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Dose. — Of the powder, twenty to sixty grains, three or four times a day. Of a strong tincture, one or two wineglasses full four or five

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FRANC, (1. (Tria sclopctorum rnlnera notabilia, in Epli. Acad. Nat. Cur., Norimbergffl, 1(183, Dec. II, Ann. I, Obs. XX, p. G4); shot wound in the

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en yourelle-CalédoniCf by Dr. Mesnard; Functionnement de V Institut Pasteur de Saigon en 1902, by Dr. Métin; and Pseudo-tuberculose d'origine palustre,

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wlivs, fears, sweat and urine, junt as well aa it docs ilie absorption of the interstitial fluids ; the blood actually docs not contain the material

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god of memory; Umalokun or Mammy Water (called Olokun by others); and Abadillvwri, god of war. Other Niger Delta groups like the Ijo and the Itsekiri also

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Tuirbit, turpeth, a cathartic drug prepared from the root of an East Indian jalap, Ipomoea Turpethum ; 22a, 36a; R.A. turpetum, Cf. c. 1400 Langfranc's Cirurg. 180. He mote ofte

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Endel-Darm (ahd. endilster, endOoster darm :=: longus, bngaon ; adaen. Mehr weniger spielen diese gem, germanischen Bezeichnungen alle in

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the body. He first described the epithelia of the skin and intes- the cornea and of the morphology and development of the larynx.

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fire was sometimes shingles (or herpes zoster) : sometimes a carbuncle. St. Anthony's fire meant erysipelas in some cases, ergotinism or endemic

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matic, Antipyretic, Analgesic— Uses: Rheumatism, pleurisy, pericarditis, Sol. in 9.5 parts water.— Uses: Constipation, and as antigalactic. —

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having done his duty and never being absent a single hour, and that the operations and cures he has performed will show that

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to Artemidorus will show the attention which had been paid to this subject in verv early times : Artemon jNIilesius, Antiphon,

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piercing scream, and falls to the ground. Immediately there- after the face becomes violently distorted, the head is usually

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tiooed authors think that immunity is the result of a veiy complex reaction of the cells of the organism and that these reactions are specific for each microbe inje

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follow on atelectasis without any inflammation. As regards the differential diagnosis from tuberculosis, points are : the history of nasal

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bold emendations of Littre, although they yield a possible sense, are most unlikely to be correct. I cannot solve the difficulties satisfactorily, but a great many are removed by

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any other disease can be produced only by infection." Cadeac implies nearly as much in saying: "in all the epizootics that

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lysis, solution, breaking up of a disease, fr. loco, to loose, necro'sis, a dying, mortification, fr. vexpow, to mortify,

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241 History of Christian County, Illinois. Brink, McDonough & Co., Phila- delphia, 1880. Pages 230, 41, 115, 114, 130, 131, 133, 138, 173, 174.


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though in sheer beauty like something Greek strayed out of place and time, seems of precise and formal cut if compared with the

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laudanum in each dose; if perspirations are too copious when the eruptive fever has subsided, take acidulated drinks. Smear-

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( he foundations of the most important application of this work were being laid by Joseph Lister, a young . English surgeon who was

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