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ence. The nearer the period of the suppression is to that of delivery, the greater is the danger; and the occasional returns of the discharge are symptoms of re-
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upper and lower lips, gums, dental pad of the upper jaw, cheeks, hard palate, and root of the tongue. There may still be some of
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Further particulars and Illustrated Booklet Iree. from; — J. \\. HOLLYER, (Manager of Baths, &c.), 24, Corbett Estate Offices. DROITWICH.
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In 1833 Coste" reported at a session of the Paris Academie des Sciences that he had identified the germinal vesicle in the rabbit's egg and this was noted a month later in Froriep's Notizen.
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prominence in the back part of the head, in him the sutures are constructed in quite the opposite form to the former ; for in
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necessity of active surgical interference is universally admitted. The only questions that arose were: Shall we amputate at the shoulder or, Shall we
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humain et les faire parvenir à l'endroit désiré, on s'appliquait en France à la recherche des effets du fluide électrique même, et l'on tâchait d'exa-
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of the coming in of osteopathy, the whole medical world was almost a total blank in knowledge of the machinery and functions of the abdomen of the human body. The medical
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ance, they shalbe dampned to hell where they shalbe mad for euer more, worlde without ende. Wherfore I do counsayle al suche euyll
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three or four hours. Afterwards Saturn attracts Mercury to itself. Over this Saturn and Mercury project fixed borax with saltpetre into the tigillum. Next
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Tambra nagkeshur (Pers.) Ochrocarpus longifolius Benth. & Hook. Tar-anjubin (Pers.) Alhagi camelorum Fisch. (also p. 162)
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but follows the wall and breaks through the skin where it meets with the least resistance. Corns may be considered a serious
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successfully removed from the anterior chamber by an incision through the permanent injury ; and there are several cases mentioned in confirmation of
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In the true ischuria the bladder is full ; in the spu- rious it is empty, for nothing descends from the kid- order efiischeses, defining it an absolute suppression of
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In the variety of this disease which is named Ama-jirna emetics calamus), rock-salt, each half a told in hot water. This will be
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pasted with oil and water, and baked in the sun may also be used for the eradicating of hair in the affected should be applied to the rectum in the case of an ulcer
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that we're talking about here. I think this is because, in largest part, the numbers of participants were smaller. We are talking about
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Vienna describes an operation of perforation of the penis among the Malays ; and Jagor and jNIicklucho-Maclay report similar customs among the Dyaks
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viii, 220 p. front, (port.) illus., pi., diagrs. 254°™. principes de la philosophic de Descartes. — III. Evolution cartesienne des sciences au XIX'
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seemingly normal, was removed. Recovery was uninterrupted. Careful examination showed the tumour to be an appendix epiploica.
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ment of the kidneys. Albuminuria with hyaline and occasionally granular casts, even leucocytes and red blood cells, indicate either toxic effects or
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then making it one-third honey. It is also said to prevent scara 16. Raw Potato Poultice, for inflamed eyes, is one cf th«
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combat, not only bring on dure destruction l>y the exhaus- tion tlioy produce, hut very cniixidi-nibly jiromole the en-
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within the cell as a passive metabolic product, as in \viior, juice]. The chymosin or rennin found in the Paracolletic (par-ah-kol-ct'-ik) [-npd, beside; Ko'O.hv,
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vessels, are powerful antisyphilitics. Of this kind it is said are the mezereon, the sarsa, the guaiacum, and probably the volatile alkali ; those which operate by the
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Heute möchte ich die Aufmerksamkeit ganz kurz auf die Krankheit von Johann Diederich Grits lenken, der als trefflicher Uel)ersetzer von
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rhoea and a fatal issue. Aggravated cases may show gangrenous Mortality and Prognosis. While there are seasons of special
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say they are going to do. And the answer is, we don't do very much under the IND. We carry out on-site inspections when data are
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turned. The woman died in a few days from peritonitis. The gall-bladder was found close to the femoral ring, and showed a marked constriction. The
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The following table will serve to show differences between the hog cholera bacilli, and related pathogenic microbes : Actively motile in liquids Actively motile Nonmotile
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every one month will extend one's life for a period all kinds of haemorrhoids, as Kshadira and Vijaka are effective in cases of cutaneous affections (Kushtha).
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Bell, Edward Stock, St. Glare's Infirmary, Bothcrhithe. s.k. Bell, George Alexander Stuai-t, Naval Medical Seivice. Bell, George Lawaluk, M.B. Melb., Melbourne, Australia.
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Issued in hermetically-scaled tubes of 30 c.c. ( approx. Issued in hermetically -sealed tubes of 2, c.c. and 5 c.c. ,, Gelsemine Hydrochloride (Gelsemininum Ilydrochloricum
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canalis signifies the hollow in the spine, which contains dicular, one posterior and perpendicular, and one hori- zontal; their size is nearly the same, but generally the
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The main feature about the blood is the increase of lymphocytes in secondary syphilis under the influence of treatment. In untreated
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1903 Spenc(!r, Sandy, 226, Stamford-street, Ashton-under-Lyne. 1897 Spencer, Thomas. 96, Cavendish-street., Keighley. 1908 Spencer-Phillips, Perc}' Tyrell, Gt. Baddow, Essex.
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filaments that form a part of the ventral root and common nerve trunk. A lesion of the first lumbar articulation will affect these filaments in a
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bibliothèque d'Assurbanipal des ruines de Niniveh. Le Medic. Magazine t. XII, p. 73 donne un aperçu de la partie médicale. Il est fait mention d'un excellent
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Case. — Corporal J. TV. Terry, Co. B, 14th Virginia, was wounded at Spottsylvania, May 10th, 1864, by a conoidal ball,
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As soon as it is observed, they employ frictions ; and the women of the country are so accustomed to this disease, that they seldom call in either a physician or a surgeon.
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.... Saint Paul, Office of the St. Paul Press Co., 1873. For continuation of the reports see its Annual report. .... Met 33 platen en een kaart. Uitgegeven door de Vereeni-
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lares, and thence run to the basis of the tongue, but are M<jy, the hyoid bone,) muscles which rise with a large basis from the inferior part of the lower jaw, and are
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Governor. He was a native of Vermont, born at Brattleboro, ilareh 21, 1814. His parents, Nathaniel and Patty (Ball) Hammond, moved
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ditions after the completion of the fort did not lessen the work of Surgeon Smith is evident by the report of Major Whistler, in which
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relative importance of the contribution made by De Graaf. It will be suffi- cient to say here that what follows is the first thorough description of the
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