My Love Story!! Volume 2

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My Love Story!! Volume 2
Released By: Viz Media
Released: 10/7/14
Reviewed: 10/30/14
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Rated: 13+


Takeo and Yamato are super happy in love and things are going mostly swimmingly. However not everything is perfect; between friends who are more than happy to talk trash behind Yamato’s back, a martial arts tournament that Takeo gets roped into and Suna suddenly being standoffish, the happy couple is going to face their first tests.

The Good and the Bad

I didn’t hate the first volume of My Love Story!! but I also didn’t love it. There were parts that I enjoyed and there were parts where I felt it could’ve used some improvement and this volume continues that trend. Within these pages, the relationship between Takeo and Yamato continues very happily. They are still just as in love as they ever were despite there being some minor obstacles being in their way like a martial arts tournament and Yamato’s friends talking trash behind her back and that’s pretty much where the problems begin. This is just too happy of a series.

Every relationship goes through that honeymoon stage where everyone is happy and there aren’t any problems to be seen and that’s where our main characters are right now. In their eyes, everything in the world is fantastic and there isn’t a single problem to be had. This might be great for them but for an audience who is dying to see some drama and conflict this is making for some very boring reading.

The entire book isn’t entirely without entertainment value. Throughout the pages there are some genuinely funny and sweet moments that will warm your heart and make you glad that these two characters have found each other. However if you’re a bit more cynical about the world, you’ll wish that these two would just get over it already and realize that the world is a harsh place and that nothing good lasts forever.

The one place within this volume where anything resembling drama comes up is within the closing chapters of the volume when Suna starts to become standoffish, quiet and reserved. We find out later what the reason is and Takeo is forced into a tough decision. Even this though is ultimately resolved in a very happy fashion and the dramatic build up feels almost like it was there for no good reason.


In my review of the first volume, I had some harsh things to say about the artwork. I felt that the backgrounds were too sparse and the character designs weren’t pleasing to the eye. I also said that I could easily see myself getting used to these designs and eventually it wouldn’t be as much of a problem and I was right. While the character designs still aren’t amazing, I’m slowly getting accustomed to them and seeing them as unique in their own right as I get used to the personalities that they are attached to.


In my previous review of this series, I wondered how they were going to manage to stretch this series out and keep it interesting and honestly I’m still wondering that. Almost entirely devoid of drama and conflict, this series is cute but not entirely gripping. I really want to see these characters grow and develop but it feels very slow going to start which has me wondering when we’re finally going to see some real growth and maturity coming from this story. Even still though, this isn’t a horrible series and I’m still feeling mostly warm towards it.

Final Grade: B-

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