Break Out Your Excited Faces! Sentai Filmworks Announces Outbreak Company Dub Cast


Sentai Filmworks has announced the dub cast for the upcoming release of Outbreak Company. The cast will include Kira Vincent-Davis (Lucy in Elfen Lied and Ayumu in Azumanga Daioh) as Petralka, Tyler Galindo (Ryouta from Btooom! and Kouki from Medaka Box) as Shinichi and Juliet Simmons (Princess Rufina in Shining Hearts and Madoka in Dog & Scissors) as Myucel. The series initially debuted in Fall of 2013 and told the story of a young otaku who is whisked away to a fantasy kingdom by a shady employer with the daunting task of teaching the citizens about otaku culture. Shinichi instructs elves, dwarves and lizard men in the finer points of moe, all while growing closer to the standoffish princess Petralka.

This series is a personal favorite of mine so I am curious as to how the dub will play out. Many of the chosen voice actors either have limited experience or, in the case of Vincent-Davis, haven’t done much voice acting at all recently. Hopefully this will give them an opportunity to shine and inject their own take into a solid cast of characters. Outbreak Company will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on March 3rd.

Via Sentai Filmworks

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