Midori Days Vol. 2: Wrong Hand Man

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Midori Days Vol. 2: Wrong Hand Man
Released By: Media Blasters
Released: 5/31/04
Reviewed: 1/21/05
Rated: 13+


NOTE: This review is a continuation of my reviews of this series. If you have not seen any of the volumes or my previous reviews, you risk spoilers by continuing.


Wow, I had really forgotten how good this series is.

The Story

Four more episodes are on this volume and in the first episode Seiji and his right hand lady, Midori,  are set to have a day together in town on a lazy Sunday but that plan gets interrupted when Shiori stops by the house and decides that she would rather go out on a ‘date’ with Shinji than spend the day with her family. Unfortunately, they are seen around town which leads to some interesting misunderstandings from his class mates, including Takako who is curious to know why he’s out with such a young woman. If that weren’t bad enough, they also run into his older sister who decides to be Shiori’s love coach’ and teach her everything she needs to know to win his heart. Things get even worse though when Takako finally works up her nerve and asks Seiji out on a date.

In the second episode, Takako and Seiji go on their first date and Takako is going all out to win his heart much to the dismay of Midori. Luckily despite all of her best efforts (and there are plenty of them to be sure), Seiji just doesn’t respond to her advances frustrating Takako.

In the third episode, a serious twist takes place as upon waking up Seiji and Midori have switched places and now Seiji is on Midori’s right hand. To say that this causes problems would be a huge under statement. Between buying clothes for Seiji, trying to cook breakfast and Midori freaking out because she’s not used to having a man for her right hand, this becomes an ordeal in itself but things get even worse when Midori is recognized by a friend who invites her out to tea. The twist is short lived though as a surprise ending brings us back to normal.

The final episode on the volume has the return of our otaku, Takamizawa,  from volume one who has since created his own fan site for Midori online and it’s reached over 500,000 hits! Seiji finds this to be absolutely disgraceful and demands that the site be shut down but in exchange he has to help sell Midori hand puppets at a convention. Unfortunately sales go incredibly well and they sell out quickly leading to a bidding war on the real Midori from rabid fans of Midori. Next though Seiji has to deal with Takamizawa falling in love who looks exactly like his favorite anime character and asks Seiji for his help in confessing his love for her.

The Good And The Bad

It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen volume one, I had really forgotten how good this series really is. The writing in this series is the first thing that really sticks out as being well done. When the main plot of an anime is a teenage boy with a girl for his right hand, it’s very easy to take the writing and go with nothing but low brow jokes but instead the writers continually take the high road and come up with quality jokes that aren’t based around sex at all.

The animation is also very well done in this series with a few well done scenes of CG animation which doesn’t distract at all from the rest of the series. I really enjoyed the character designs in this series of the new characters that were introduced in this volume. Even if they were only episodic characters, they were still well designed and really looked cute if I really had to choose a word for it.


Sadly enough I had also forgotten just how good the music in this series is and it really surprised me when I watched this volume how much good background music there is to be found within this volume. You should pay close attention (though you won’t have to since it plays in the foreground) to the insert song in the third episode of the volume. Unfortunately I have no idea what the name of the song is since it wasn’t listed in the end credits.

Dub vs. Sub

Once again both the dub and sub casts do a good job with the writing in this series and while I preferred the sub cast I can’t say that it’s because the dub cast did a bad job. The dub cast did a wonderful job in this series and you really won’t be disappointed with it if you decide to take that route. Standout performance of the volume goes to Mollie Weaver who did a hilarious job as Takako in this volume.


The only extra on this volume is chapter two of the original audio radio drama that aired in Japan for this series. It’s not fabulous but it is worth listening to as you’ll more than likely get a few laughs out of it.


I really wish that I hadn’t let this series fall through the cracks for so long. This is a charming and sweet series with a really innovative plot that really should be enjoyed by everyone. The characters are sweet, the plot is funny and the writing is very well done. Definitely worth watching if you’re looking for something more humorous and sweet.

Final Grade: 89% – B

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