Assassination Classroom Volume 4

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Assassination Classroom Volume 4
Released By: Viz Media
Released: 6/2/15
Reviewed: 6/24/15
Rated: 16+


The biggest story arc of this volume is the introduction of a new transfer student… who claims to be Koro-sensei’s little brother! This new assassin will stop at nothing to get what he wants and what he wants is to kill his big brother.

The Good and the Bad

Assassination Classroom continues to be a favorite series of mine so forgive me if I gush a little with this review but let me tell you that at this point it totally deserves it and if you’re a comedy manga fan that isn’t reading this series yet, you’re the one who is missing out.

One of the most frustrating things about AssClass is the slow trickle of information that has been given to the audience along the way. We STILL do not know what the motivation Koro-sensei has for wanting to blow up the Earth or why he decided to start teaching at this particular junior high. With four volumes now complete, it can be tiring to read this series and not feel annoyed at not having this basic piece of information. Luckily the author of this series feels our pain and finally throws us a bone.

The big story for this volume is that Koro-sensei actually has a little brother of sorts which leads to a not entirely shocking reveal about his origins. It’s not such a big reveal that it’s going to knock your socks off or anything but it does qualify as new information at least which is certainly something. If there was one thing that I would consistently complain about however it is that AssClass doesn’t give up the goods nearly as quickly as I feel it should. I’m not asking for the whole thing to be laid out (it’s up to over a dozen volumes in Japan which means we have plenty of time to learn all of this information) but throwing us something for our brains to gnaw on in the meantime would not be entirely out of line.

If you can ignore that though, you’ll find that this volume remains consistently well presented both in terms of the story and the characters. The adventures flow well from one chapter to the next and never failed to get a laugh from me. What strikes me as even more amazing than that though are the characters. With an entire classroom full of would be assassins, it would be really easy to turn all of the characters into carbon copies or to only develop a certain amount of them while leaving the rest as blank slates. That’s not the case with this series though. Every member of the E class has a distinct personality and their own traits which make them unique and special. It’s really quite brilliant the way everyone presented is their own unique individual without getting lost in the crowd.


The artwork in AssClass remains a strong draw into the series. As mentioned earlier, every student in the classroom has their own unique personality and this extends into their character designs. No two characters look alike which makes telling them apart so much easier and is something that I greatly appreciate as a reader. It’s refreshing to see that the characters are being treated with care and respect as though they are living beings in this way.


AssClass will go down as one of the best manga series of the year. It’s touching and fun. Violent yet gentle. Soothing and hilarious. Confused by this? Believe me when I say that if you pick up this volume you’ll understand exactly what I’m referring to. With only four volumes printed so far this is a great time to get involved with this series before it becomes intimidating. If like comedy and action, this is a series not to be missed.

Final Grade: A-

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