Please Twins [2015 Re-Release]

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Please Twins [2015 Re-Release]
Released By: Nozomi Entertainment/Lucky Penny
Released: 8/4/15
Reviewed: 12/4/15
Rated: 16+


Maiku Kamishiro is an orphan who managed to convince the facility he was living in to let him go off on his own. He learns how to be a computer programmer, he buys the house that he believes he grew up in and attends school just like any other normal teenager. One day though two girls appear on his doorstep who are both claiming to be his long lost twin sister. Now the three of them are living together until they can figure out who is the twin and who is the stranger.

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The Good and the Bad

Around ten years ago, there was a minor war between fans. One faction was convinced that Please Teacher was the superior series while another faction was adamant that Please Twins was the superior series. Fast forward to today and the war had been mostly forgotten until Nozomi Entertainment re-released both series earlier this year which reignited the war. Now that I’ve seen both series once again, I have firmly chosen a side because, and I’m not going to sugar coat this, Please Twins is downright offensive.

Now there’s nothing particularly wrong with the primary story line of Twins. It’s a fairly decent story that in the end will prove to be even touching and sweet. However there are two side stories running throughout the series which could and probably should offend anyone with half a brain.

The first side story features a seemingly gay male character named Shimazaki who is constantly hitting on the lead male. I get that Maiku is straight and isn’t interested in being hit on by another male but when a rumor starts circulating that he might be gay as well, the other characters start trying to convert him because they feel that he’s not a ‘normal’ boy any longer.

A second side story features a returning character from Please Teacher, Matagu, who is constantly hitting on his little sister. He sneaks into the girls’ locker room, he spends all his time with her, etc, etc. I’ve seen this series all the way through multiple times now and I’ve yet to figure out what the point of this side story is and why it was included.

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If you’re willing to ignore these points entirely (which is not the easiest thing in the world to do since the series throws them in your face in just about every episode), Please Twins can be an enjoyable series. The main story line is actually pretty solid if not repetitive with how often the characters try to remind themselves (and thus the audience) that they might be related to each other.

If you’ve seen Please Teacher you’re also going to notice some very distinct differences between the two series. While Teacher mostly played it straight, Twins likes to attempt to go for laughs whenever possible. This means that the animation will go for visual jokes often and seemingly emotional moments will be completely disrupted by a blowjob joke.


The music in Please Twins is mostly solid with some fantastic piano tracks to accompany the more emotional moments (the ones that aren’t disrupted by jokes about a possible blowjob). There are also plenty of background tracks which will feel very comedic and cartoony which can be feel a bit heavy handed.


Along with the usual commercials and promo videos, there are thirteen different image videos which feature some of the better songs that you’ll hear attached to this series. In fact it could be argued that the image videos are better than the actual series at times.

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Please Twins has not aged gracefully. Once upon a time I would’ve been willing to call this series a fantastic addition to my library but the homosexual story line alone is enough to make me want to put this one aside and not look at it again for a very long time. While there are some things about this series that you can praise, there are just too many shortcomings to be able to recommend it to others. If you really want to check out this franchise, put in Please Teacher instead and ignore this one.

Final Grade: C-