Promotional Video Posted for Spring Anime Hai-Furi

With the spring season only a couple of months away, it’s more than past time for promotional videos of new series to be posted to the internet and we have a great one for you today!

This morning a brand new PV was posted for the upcoming series Hai-furi about girls who are attending a special school where they are learning how to become ambassadors of the ocean. Apparently the big gimmick for this series is that it will be boasting a huge cast of cute girls so that’s certainly something. Hey I got an idea, why don’t we all watch the video and meet some of these girls right now!

As previously noted, the animation will be produced by Production IMS with Yuu Nobuta making their debut as a full director and Reiko Yoshida (Aokana, Bakuman, Castle Town Dandelion) handling series composition. We don’t have an exact premiere date as of yet but the series will premiere at some point in April 2016.