Pied Piper Inc. Announces Home Video License and Crowdfunding Campaign for Skip Beat! Anime

skip beat 07

Alright, this morning I promised everyone that today was going to be a big day filled with major announcements and now it’s time for the biggest one of all to be revealed…


In a press release, Pied Piper Inc. has revealed that they’ve licensed the beloved shojo anime series Skip Beat! for a DVD and Blu-ray release in North America. For those who aren’t aware of why I’m being such a fanboy right now please allow me to explain…

With animation produced by Hal Film Maker, the anime adaptation of the shojo manga series Skip Beat! first aired in late 2008. I know that some of you started to tune out as soon as I said ‘shojo manga series’ but please try to stay with me because this is a shojo manga that is unlike any other shojo that you’ve ever come across!

In this series, the main character is named Kyoko. She works very hard supporting her childhood friend as he pursues his dream of being a famous idol in Tokyo only to find out that he’s been using her the entire time and never really liked her to begin with. This fills Kyoko with a burning desire for revenge which she decides to get by trying to become an even bigger idol than he could ever dream of becoming!

As part of the license announcement, Pied Piper has also revealed that throughout the entire run of March 2016 they will have a crowdfunding campaign open on Indiegogo in order to raise funds to make the home video release the best that it possibly can be. This means that when the series is finally released, it could possibly have shiny features like an English dub with top tier talent, behind the scenes video and much more. Helping with the campaign will be top talents Mela Lee (Rin Tohsaka in Fate/Stay Night), Jason Charles Miller and Cristina Vee (Akemi Homura in Madoka Magica) serving as executive producers. With the launch of this announcement, a special ‘coming soon’ page has been opened inviting fans to sign up for the email list. Those who do sign up will be invited to preview the campaign page and download special Skip Beat! key art.

In the press release, Pied Piper Inc. president Ann Yamamoto stated “With Mela Lee, Cristina Vee and Jason Charles Miller on board to produce the dub, we have the team to knock this out of the ball park. However, the dub is the single most expensive element of the localization process, especially for a series with 25 episodes amounting to 600 minutes of material. I am profoundly grateful to the licensor TV TOKYO for allowing me to take this title directly to fans through the crowdfunding campaign. With the support of fans, we can create the dub Skip Beat! deserves with top-tier talent for cast, director and scriptwriting.”

In an additional statement given to this site, Ms. Yamamoto has personally assured me that this release is a sure thing. When asked if the release would be cancelled if the crowdfunding campaign failed, I was told “The main reason I decided to go with Indieigogo is because of the flexible funding option, so even if we don’t make the goal, we will still be able to use the funds toward the release. I have promised the rightsholders to do the release with dub regardless of the campaign outcome. So, if we don’t make the goal, the release will still move forward with limited resources.”

So there you have it folks! Skip Beat is FINALLY going to be getting a home video release in North America. It took almost eight full years but shojo fans finally got the announcement that they’ve been waiting for.