IBM Seeking Alpha Testers for Sword Art Online Virtual Reality Game

At first I thought that this was a joke but then I looked at my calendar and realized that it’s nowhere close to April 1st.

Virtual reality is still a pretty new technology but it seems that IBM isn’t going to wait for the kinks to be worked out before they attempt to make anime into a reality! In a new video posted this morning, it was revealed that IBM will be attempting to make Sword Art Online into a reality by launching the VRMMO project. The first game to be tested is based on SAO and is called Sword Art Online: The Beginning and will use technologies known as the Cognitive System and SoftLayer to create a virtual world for players to interact with.

So how do you sign up to test out this awesome idea? Well, first off you have to live in Japan (sorry, don’t shoot the messenger!). Second, you have to be able to comfortably wear a headset and be able to walk around without assistance. Third, you have to visit the official website and hope that you’re one of the 208 lucky people who will be chosen via random lottery to participate in the alpha test which will be held in Tokyo from March 18th to the 20th.

Seriously, if I lived in Japan I would give up vital and possibly favorite parts of my anatomy to check this out!

Via SG Cafe