What You Need to Know: Chihayafuru

Finally the day that fans have been waiting for has arrived! The long awaited day foretold in prophecy and legend… the home video release date of Chihayafuru!

It’s been a long and arduous wait for fans of this series but it has finally come to pass. Even better, now fans who discovered this series early on can wait with baited breath as other people around the country and world start to discover what makes this series so magically delicious to behold.

If you’re one of the latter folks though, there are a few things you should know about this series before you hit purchase on Amazon or Right Stuf though…

  • Push past the backstory

The backstory for this series is very important. In the first three episodes, the story of Chihaya and Arata is put into full perspective as we find out why the game of Karuta is so important to them. However even I have to admit that these first episodes are slow and can be, at times, kind of boring. Push past these episodes though and get set for a wild ride from episode 4 onward.

  • Will they or won’t they?

One of the big questions raised by this series is if Chihaya will hook up with Arata or Taichi. Well, that answer isn’t going to appear in this season so the best advice I can give to you is enjoy the hard hitting card action and push the romance angle to the other side of your mind… for now at least.

  • Enjoy learning about Karuta

This is a series all about the Japanese game Karuta. There is no getting around that. If you can’t learn to enjoy this game at least a little bit from the characters who are trying to teach it to you, there’s no real point in watching it since they will be throwing it in your face every single chance they get. This is a pretty central pillar to the series so enjoy learning something new as this is a part of Japanese culture that we don’t really get to see as anime fans very often.

  • Bask in the scenery

Produced by Madhouse, it’s obvious that the animation team behind this series really cared about making this series look as pretty as possible and it shows. The backgrounds, the fluid card action, the character designs… they’re all so pretty! Enjoy it whenever you get a chance.

  • Be ready for heartbreak

As with any multi season series, you should be ready to have your heart broken as the series ends the first season and gears up for season two. It’s not that the series ends on a particularly sad note; it’s just the fact that it ends at all is very sad.

And there you have it! Everything that you need to know about Chihayafuru. Now that you’ve been informed, you should absolutely spend your hard earned money on this series and show it the love that it so richly deserves!

The series is available now from Right Stuf and Amazon.