Cosplayer Body Tips: Nail Care

Angel NailsSquinting up into a bright sun an object blocks its rays. With eyes focusing, the object clearly becomes a hand. A crusty, dry hand reaching down to me from… what? A demon?  Imp? The living dead? Have I left this world and to another in the brief moment it took me to bring my camera up to my eye? Refocusing the lens I see the face of an angel before me.  Well that shot won’t work. I think to myself.

Nail care is something so minute and rarely thought of when pulling off a cosplay. Every detail is important to pay attention to because you may just end up with what is described above. To help you from becoming a flesh-eating zombie here are a few pointers that even guys can do! 

First thing that will help is to keep your hands moisturized. Put lotion on after you wash your hands. If you have cracks on your hands or wash your hands a lot you can put on your choice of moisturizer and then put on a pair of gloves before bed. In just a few days you’ll see a difference! 

Be sure to keep them trimmed and neatly shaped. This can help you from snagging your nail on things or tempted to bite them.  

If you have trouble with not biting your nails, try painting them even if is with clear finger nail polish. I know I hate the taste of polish on my nails so I hope this helps you out too. 

Even if you don’t bite your nails, painting them makes them more appealing. A day or two before an event or photo shoot give your nails a fresh coat of paint. They will look cleaner and professional.  

When polishing, do a few thin coats with letting it dry in between coats. This will prevent the polish from peeling, better coverage, and lasts longer.

If you aren’t very good with “painting inside the lines” it’s OK. Just do the best job you can and let your hands soak while doing dishes, taking a shower, or washing your hands. This will get the polish off of your skin.

Before you start polishing, gently push back your cuticles (the thin skin on your nails). Then when you’re done painting, let it dry fully. It’s worth the wait.

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