July Cosplayer of the Month: Mark the Hyrullian

Mark MathewsI am pleased to introduce you to Mark Mathews, a cosplayer from a small town just outside of Amherst, Massachusetts. He is a highly dedicated cosplayer, paying attention to detail and doing whatever it takes to protect it. While interviewing him he related to a story that proves this point.

How did you get into cosplay?

“I got into cosplay mainly because of a girl I was dating back in 2007. After a lot of begging she convinced me to go to Connecticon with her. At first I was really skeptical about it, I had never been to an Anime convention and I was expecting it to be really lame. Well needless to say it was AWESOME! I fell in love with Cosplay after that.”

What other cons have you attended?

“I’ve only been to two cons so far. Connecticon 07, and Anime Boston 2009. I took a break from conventions while I finished my Link cosplay. But now that the costume is done I have a long list of cons that I will be attending! ”

Do you have any (horror or fabulous) stories about something that happened while in cosplay?

This past year at Anime Boston my friends and I had to take the train in and out of Boston every day, in full cosplay. Which was all fine and well until Saturday night when the Red Sox game ended and we had to ride the train home with all the Red Sox fans. One of my friends was dressed as Kos-Mos from Xenosaga which is a pretty revealing, not to mention incredibly fragile cosplay. For the entire ride home (over an hour) I had to stand between her and the rest of train; all while still holding my shield and sword. I couldn’t move and people kept smashing into me, I wasn’t able to hold onto any sort of hand rail so every bump and turn would toss me into someone. It was hell. Luckily we all made it out with minimal damage to our costumes.”

Mark Mathews

It’s just what every cosplay lady needs: a true hero in arms! How long did it take you to make the cosplay you submitted?

“The costume I submitted, Link from ‘The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess’, Took almost a year and a half to make. The chain mail took the longest, about 4 months of non stop work, I made all the rings by hand out of galvanized steel wire. It weighs a ton but I love it.” 

Mark Mathews

Later he also told me that the chain mail weighs about 25lbs and the shield 20lbs which he hand crafted himself. Mark has also won the award of best in class, novice division, at Anime Boston 2009 with this costume and was interviewed by Nintendo while at that same convention.  Future cosplays he plans to do include those from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep with his cosplay group J-CaM Studios which they plan to debut at Anime Boston 2010. To find out more on Mark you can find him at http://markiemark425.deviantart.com.

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