Cosplayer Body Tip: Look Into My Eyes…

midna-colored-contactsWaking late one morning to yellow eyes piercing right through your heart, pinning it to your spine is never what one expects. All types of questions arise but the first to reach your whispering lips are, “Where… where am I?”

Suddenly all worry melts away with the realization of these words: “Oh yeah! We’re at the con!” As small a detail and simple it may be, colored contacts can create a large impact on your cosplay. Unfortunately, irritated eyes can have a large impact on you. It’s very important to take proper care of your eyes.

Remove your contacts every day/night for at least six hours. Do not sleep with your contacts in. It may be tempting to just lie down and pass out after a long day but it only takes two minutes to remove your contacts and put them in safe keeping. It’s worth the money you spent on them and more importantly, your eyes.

To properly remove and clean your color contacts use a no-rub multipurpose solution. Some solutions require you to rub your lenses in your hand with the solution but this can damage the color. You might also want to look for solution made especially for sensitive eyes even if your eyes are not sensitive. The size of the bottle of solution you get is up to you. If you don’t use it very often you may want just a small bottle because the solution will expires six months after opening.

When using more expensive lenses or ones that are made to last for a year, you should also use protein removing tablets to prolong the life span of your contacts. It’s also known as enzyme or enzymatic contact lens cleaner. They use enzymes, proteins naturally produced by all living organisms, to break down soils, stains, and calcium build up. It is natural so there are no worries about toxins. Soaking your colored contacts in this type of cleaner once a month will keep the color looking vibrant for several months!

For good storage of your color lenses use a screw-down lid case so that the solution does not leak out. Though if you don’t use them very often, check on them and refill the container every other month or so.

Here is a check list for those of you who have never worn contacts and need to know how.

1. Make sure your hands are clean and sanitary.

2. Take out your contact lens and rinse each side of it with your solution. (You may want to drip a drop of solution on your finger to get the lens out… it won’t sting that way)

3. Fill you container full of solution and place the colored lens in it. Use fresh solution every time. And screw the lid on tight. 

All done! Yay that was easy and took less than two minutes!

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