Photoshoots: Strike A Pose!

renLooking good isn’t everything; a large part of cosplay are the pictures. This is what you have to show the world. It’s the proof of your product. So flaunt it! It takes talent from both the photographer and model to get a great shot. So why not try to do the best job you can on your part?  You can always improve the quality of a photo by keeping a few things in mind (or just a few things on hand.) Here’s a list of a few things you might want to throw in a bag and bring with you to a photo shoot.

Photo Shoot Survival Kit:

Safety Pins – Always good to have on hand. If a costume piece rips you can temporally repair it to finish up your photo shoot.

Bobbie Pins – Handy for more than just hair! You may have to secure again a wig or use it to reattach a cosplay part to yourself.

Double sided tape – Better than one sided tape. It can substitute for regular tape as well as hold fabric in place.

Foundation powder – You wouldn’t want to have a shiny face in your best shot. Don’t be afraid to ask the photographer if you’re a little shinny during your photo shoot.

Lip gloss – Lips are very matted and don’t reflect light the same way your skin does. Even just a small bit of very neutral lip gloss can make all the difference in a picture.

Comb – You never know what the weather may be like or if your photographer will want to use a fan. A nest of hair is not always a good thing. Just take a moment and run a comb through your hair or wig and get ready for the next fabulous shot.

Something to always keep in mind is that you are a character. Body language tells us about who you are trying to portray. Be true to your character; take some time the day or so before you attend your photo shoot and practice posing in the mirror. Learning what angles look best for you will help to find what hides your flaws and what shows off your best features. An example would be that I have very shadowed eyes with low eye brows. A good angle for my face would be to lift my chin up to allow more light around my eyes. 

Remember that you can talk to your photographer. They aren’t going to bite, they are there for you. Let your photographer know if you’re uncomfortable with anything. Not only will you not like it but it will show on your face or body language. But most of all remember to have fun!

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