Taking Care of Your Cosplayer Body

She Has A Head!Your body is always a concern for you, but is even more on your mind when thinking about cosplay. Today I want to share with you a few tips that will help keep your body healthy, body tone, and mind a little more focused.

Number one: Exercise! We all fear the word but really, it’s not that scary. You don’t have to spend hours a day doing something you hate. Taking just ten minutes a day can make a major difference! ¬†First, you need to figure out a plan. What are you willing to do and when will you be able to do it? Different physical activities can help people out in different ways. Some people find swimming to be the best work out for them while others prefer running. Try to pick something that will get your lungs working and blood pumping. Be sure to plan time for a cool down. While doing your cool down focus on your breathing and what your body is doing. Count ten slow breathes and then try to slow your breathing and heart rate.

You don’t have to go far or go out to get a good work out. Nor do you need any special equipment; I am all for jogging around the block in my pajamas (as I have been accused of on occasion). If that’s what you got to do then just do it. It’s simple, easy, and will make a world of difference. Doing a little bit of exercise will make you more invigorated. You’ll find that you’re more ambitious to get things done… perhaps even finishing up that cosplay you’ve been meaning to.

Number two: Watch what you eat. By this I don’t mean look at the yummies and then eat them all. If you are cooking lunch, for example, but need something right away before the hungry monster eats you curb it by drinking a full glass of water and then have lunch when it’s ready.

Speaking of lunch, here is a great Miso Soup recipe:


3 cups dashi*
1/4 cup miso (either red or white miso)

1 teaspoon of wakame seaweed**, chopped finely (optional)
1 slice of tofu an inch long and half an inch wide, finely diced into cubes
2 teaspoons of very finely chopped green onions

Put the dashi in a saucepan or small pot and bring to a near boil. Place the miso into a small hand held sieve, dip it into the dashi in order to moisten, and then with a spoon, stir and push the miso through the sieve. Continue dipping and stirring until all the miso is dissolved into the dashi. Add the tofu and simmer. Serve the soup into a lacquer bowl and garnish with the chopped onions.

And for dessert try a rice pudding or Sorbet (it’s very satisfying!).

Counting calories can get tiring, so here are some other suggestions on how you can still watch what you eat. You can boost your metabolism by eating spicy food and there are a lot of wonderful spicy foods out there to enjoy so it really doesn’t feel like you are dieting. Also you can try to eat foods that have a lot of fiber in them. Instead of eating potato chips when I get the salty munchies I go for a few Triskits instead. Your body will thank you when you become a wise old sensei somewhere. Your body is the most amazing thing that you have. I hope that you take good care of it and feel good with it. When you feel good in your own skin, you feel better in your cosplay.

*Dashi is a stock made from Konbu (kelp) and Katsuo-bushi (dried bonito fish). It is used frequently in Japanese cooking from soups to vegetable dishes as the foundation ingredient.

**Wakame seaweed is very popular in Japan for it’s subtle flavor and slightly chewy texture. You can usually find it sold dried but when reconstituted in water, it swells up into bright green leaves.

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