Highs and Lames: August 22st Version

Despite my best efforts, I am never going to be able to report on everything that happens in the anime world. I do have a job and life away from the laptop (those of you who know me away from the internet can stop laughing now) despite popular opinion. So with that in mind today marks the debut of another new feature; Highs and Lames. Exactly what it says, this is going to be a weekly recap of the best and most annoying things to slip past my radar this week…


New People Opening in San Francisco: While I didn’t get to attend the grand opening both Gia from Anime Vice and Deb Aoki did get to attend and took some awesome pictures! Three stories tall, filled with shops, a movie theater that will show anime and Japanese live action features and food vendors the grand opening looked like a ton of fun. If you’re an anime fan in the San Francisco bay area and you don’t already have plans to visit this place I’d like to know where your priorities are.

I know someone who would be really jealous of your head piece
I know someone who would be really jealous of your head piece


Comiket Breaks Records: 560,000 people attended the Summer Comic Convention (Comiket) this past weekend shattering previous records. It’s important to note that due to the convention being free to the public it’s impossible to determine how many unique individuals make up that 560,000. Still, that is a very sizeable portion of Tokyo’s population packing into one place. Part of me would love to experience Comiket at some point but part of me is afraid of being trampled.

One Piece Returns: After a disastrous first attempt, Funimation announced this week that One Piece would return to its streaming ways starting with episode 391 today. New episodes will be rolled out one hour after they premiere in Japan starting Saturday, August 29th. The most important thing about this from my perspective is Funimation convinced (I assume, I don’t actually know how much convincing had to be done) Toei to give it a second chance. A company in Japan was burned on a new venture and yet are coming back to try again, that’s a very cool step forward to see happening.


Otaku Names Daughter ‘Kana’: This article got some interesting comments earlier this week worth highlighting. It seems that the popular opinion of those who commented is that the idea of naming your daughter after an eroge character is disgusting. While some were ok with the idea of naming their kid after an anime character, just the idea of a character from this game made some readers reel back. That actually surprised me a little, partially due to just the reaction in general but also the attitude towards the game ‘Kana: Little Sister‘ (which I urge visual novel or eroge fans to play before it goes out of print). I’m not going to launch into a long rant about why this visual novel is so amazingly better than everyone is suspecting it is (because it is) but I could. I won’t though.

Kana Little Sister - Image Via G-Collections

Korea pissed off about Poop: So Korea have been made upset about something happening in Japan again. I know, shock and awe. It seems that an anime in Japan features characters that are pieces of shit. I don’t mean badly drawn, the characters are turds. Koreans are upset because one of the characters loves to eat kimchee and is easily angered because this is obviously a dig at Koreans. Seriously… get over it.

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works: Canned Dogs reports on a quote from Nasu Kinoko (original concept designer for the series) stating that the new Fate/Stay Night movie will be 90 minutes long. Only 90 minutes? Lame! 

Single of the Week:

One Winged Bird – Akiko Shikata (Umineko no Naku Koro ni OP Single)

Thing You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now:

2010 Anime Calendars: I already have Higurashi on my shopping list, what anime characters are going to be keeping track of your schedule next year?

So there’s the highs and lames for this week. This article format may change a little as I get used to writing this but this is a regular feature that you can now expect on Fridays. Feedback and comments always welcome! Speaking of, what do you consider the highs and lames for the week?

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