Circus Bringing Back Da Capo With New Anime, Eroge

D.C. ~Da Capo~ Returns

At their 10th Aniversary event held over the weekend, eroge studio Circus (Mai-Hime Unmei no Keitouju, Valkyrie Complex) announced a small boat load of new items related to their flagship title, D.C. ~Da Capo~. If you’re not already aware of the franchise let me educate you really quickly. Since 2002, Da Capo has been one of the most popular titles put out by Circus having spawned four visual novels and television series each and a manga series. Unfortunately, it’s been largely ignored on this side of the Pacific due to no one wanting to dangle its licensing pole anywhere near the magical cousin loving harem series besides Manga Gamer. Though even they have only released one translated version of the original visual novel to US audiences (complete with a painful €49.95/$73 price tag). That isn’t stopping Circus from focusing on their primary audience though which means new everything!

Among the announcements made today, Circus has confirmed that the series will be getting a third visual novel in the series, another visual novel titled D.C. Zero, a new manga series and a brand new anime which will premiere in Spring 2010 which will be talked about more later. Despite how much I enjoy visual novels, eroge adaptations are very hit or miss with me which explains why I haven’t watched this one yet. If a new series is going to be started for it, I guess that means it’s my job to check it out at some point in the near future. You know what that means: yet another weekend spent sitting in front of my laptop watching harem anime. And my family wonders why I’m not married.

<Via ANN, Moetron>

Updated 11/2: Added premiere date for anime, clarified third visual novel

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