Gonzo Gets Replaced w/ AIC for Strike Witches Season Two

Strike Witches Full Squad

But we don’t wanna get to know Uncle AIC…

So how was everyone’s break? Lucky for some who are still enjoying their extended weekends but break time is over for the rest of us and that means back to the grind. Lucky for me, this is what I get to look forward to after finishing a long day braving Black Friday crowds.

So as recently as April of this year, Strike Witches 2-ki (season two) was absolutely green lit to go with Gonzo as the helm. Fans were happy and then it just kind of disappeared from the news. Good news, later this week Nyantype magazine will report that Strike Witches season two is still going to be made so no need to fret there. Bad news is that the article will also report that AIC is replacing Gonzo as producer of the series.

For the most part, it doesn’t seem as though this is going to affect fans all that much. Most of the staff are returning for the second season including the director/anime character designer Kazuhiro Takamura and AIC is not entirely unfamiliar with furry or loli or military (Nyan Koi, Tenchi Muyo, Virgin Fleet… ug, actually let’s forget about the last one).

I think the real story is what this means for the future of Gonzo. Besides Strike Witches, I honestly can’t think of any other major franchises that Gonzo had left to hold onto. Some (NSFW) are already calling Gonzo a ship that is close to sunk but only Gonzo and their parent GDH know for sure. So… if anyone from either place happens to be reading and wants to shoot me an email so that I can tell everyone else. I’m all ears. Easy to reach too.

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