Confirmed: Media Blasters Rescues Record of Lodoss War from Central Park Media


Among all the excitement generated by Media Blasters yesterday, there was a second piece of news that kind of fell through the cracks. Central Park Media News reported that during a visit to the Media Blasters store, he was told that Media Blasters had rescued the Record of Lodoss War OVA and TV series and would be releasing them as one set.

Well, I sent an email over to Media Blasters last night and can now say that for once, the internet wasn’t lying: Media Blasters has rescued Record of Lodoss War but they have no release date as of this writing. One of the most epic fantasy series of the last couple of decades, the first OVA series was produced by Madhouse in 1990 before AIC took the reins for a TV series in 1998. Both sets were originally released in the US by Central Park Media in 1998 and 2003 respectively so it’s amazing to me that someone is giving this one a second life.

While I always say that I’m a member of the Sailor Moon generation of anime fans, Record of Lodoss War was one of the first anime I saw as a kid that I knew was from Japan and one of the first true sparks to what would become my future obsession… err, subject to write about constantly… I mean, ah screw it! I never got a chance to add this one to my collection so this is a release that I’m really going to look forward to picking up!

Anyone else have fond memories of this series? For me all my happy memories are of the elf Deedlit and the absolutely gorgeous opening themes in anime history (Kiseki no Umi sung by Maaya Sakamoto) attached to the TV series. In fact, let’s watch that OP right now all together and bask in this moment

<Image via Pixiv>

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