One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap Towards Anime Robo Maids


So we’re not quite at the point of having our very own Steel Angel Kurumi yet but Future Robot based out of Korea are bringing us one step closer. Meet Furo, a robot that looks kind of like a more colorful version of Rosie from The Jetsons only instead of featuring a square head and annoying voice, it has a monitor featuring an interactive female anime character.

Designed for customer service jobs, Furo has a large touch screen which allows customers to order from the restaurants menu and pay with the attached card swiper all while Furo happily records your order; careful not to all try order at once though, Furo will get visibly confused if you try to overwhelm her. Added features already included are sensors to detect obstacles or when someone is approaching and a nifty little dance routine when music is played. But can it do the robot? (See what I did there?)

Welcome to our new reality everyone. We’re not quite at the point of service droids or love bots but this is a pretty amazing next step. All they need to do now is start making each Furo have its own unique face, add some moe to its personality and pretty soon we’ll be seeing Furo Maid cafes pop up all over Asia. Which, you have to admit, would be kind of cool.

<Via PlasticPals>

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