Otakon Evacuated Due to Fire Alarm (Update 2)

Breaking news coming out of Baltimore. Around 11am Pacific, the entire convention was evacuated due to a fire alarm being set off. The entire convention center has been evacuated (which means there are a few thousand anime geeks currently flooding the streets of Baltimore all at once). Few firm details are available but the police and fire department are currently on the scene investigating. I’ve already sent an email to the Baltimore PD requesting more information but until something official is sent, there is no comment on if the fire was legitimate or a very poor prank played by one of the attendees.

If you’re attending or in the area, PLEASE listen to the staff and cross to the other side of the street safely until further instructed. Staff is working on the issue right now and hopefully everyone will get to go back to enjoying their weekend soon.

Keep checking back for more details as they are made available.

Update: While no official cause has been determined, it seems that the incident was minor with no injuries being reported. People are slowing being let back into the building starting with staff and those in the dealer room. Whew, glad that everyone is ok!

Update 2: While I don’t have a statement from local authorities, an update was posted to the official Otakon website which confirmed that the fire alarm this afternoon was a false alarm. While there were some rumors floating around at the time that there was a grease fire in a kitchen, the convention has put that to rest. The scheduled ended up being delayed for about an hour and adjustments were made accordingly.

So whoever pulled the alarm and screwed things up for everyone else, you’re an ass.

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