Gonzo Made Money This Year!

Gonzo: The Little Studio That Could

Remember around 2008-ish when everyone in the world started to think that maybe animation studio Gonzo was slowly going the way of the buffalo? Things weren’t exactly roses in this time. In early 2008, the studio accepted new management which took over the parent company, GDH. This was followed by 20% or more of the staff being asked to take early retirement. Then the new year started… and went pretty much the same. By the end they had been replaced by AIC for Strike Witches 2. And yet, there they were; seemingly hanging on by the skin of their teeth, finding a way to keep themselves going with smaller projects. Finally their hard work has paid off and this year the studio is reporting a 74 million yen ($900,000) operating profit for the first half of the fiscal year.

While they weren’t involved in any headline anime series this year, Gonzo was still plugging away all year with smaller video game projects that a lot of people probably didn’t notice. Around the middle of the year, they started to show new signs of life by recruiting some new animators and confirming a new series. There aren’t a lot of details about that but it will air sometime in 2011. You can do it Gonzo! Just remember: if you moe it, they will watch.

<Via ANN>

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