News Outta Comiket 79: Kaito Tenshi Twin Angel Anime Due


Anyways, I’m going to do my best to get trailers and announcements up but forgive me if I miss a few. So alright, first one I’m coming across is a new anime (of some sort) based on the magical girl slot machines Kaito Tenshi Twin Angel… wait, seriously? (looks again) Yeah, alright, awesome… what is that one again?

The story behind the game is that Haruka and Aoi are first year high schoolers by day but at night the turn into Red Angel and Blue Angel and thwart villains! The new series will be produced by JC Staff but the announcement is obscuring what kind of the anime it will be but I’m guessing it’ll be a TV anime. The logic I’m following is that in the announcement, it’s also mentioned that the original net animation announced earlier this year is going to be an OVA instead and so what would be the point in releasing two different OVA series around the same time? But that’s just my guess and I openly admit that I’m usually pretty bad at guessing.

Here’s the announcement straight from the show floor:


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