Bones Producing Producing Posthumous Mech Anime

In the latest issue of Gundam Ace, it will be reported that Studio Bones (Fullmetal Alchemist, Xam’d) will be working on a brand new mech series titled Towa no Kuron which is currently slated to premiere next summer. The series is the final work of anime writer/director/artist Ilda Umanosuke (Hellsing, Tide Line Blue – Director; Origin Spirits of the Past – Creator) who passed away in November at the age of 49. Serving as a “collaborative director” in place of Umanosuke will be Mori Takeshi (Otaku no Video, Stratos 4 – Director). Naturally no story or characters details are in place as of yet. I’m not really a mech head so can’t say that I’m bursting with joy but it’s cool for Studio Bones to complete the project in Umanosuke’s place at least.


<Via MyAnimeList>

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