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ply has been recognized by the profession, and thai ilie efllirts of the author to meet the want have been successful. The revision which it has enjoyed will render it better adapted than before to
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normal course. P., Sex'ual, abnormality of the sexual instinct. Per'vert. One who has turned from the right way. P., Sex'ual,
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progressiva type, was under the observation of J. Rosen- soon after birth. The x-ray highly praised by French authors was iised without effect, except perhaps to stim-
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of each i lb. ; calomel, grain-tin, and ginger, of each 1 oz. Alix tlioroughly and wet up as dougli, to a proper consistence to roll
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de M6d. Prat., t. vii. — Billard, in Edinb. Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. xxviii., p. 103. — Lesser, Entziindung und Ver-
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Romans, and mentioned by Columella, v. 10. Rhociius thinks it the bergamot pear; but from its history this is not probable : it seems to resemble the Catharine
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dition is found in the pallidum, and both contain abundant degeneration products of lipoid nature. Secondary fibre degeneration results from the
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2575. Hospital Ck>rp8 to be instnyirtaid in. peMmal aii4 sidOiHygMflft I 2842 (1).' ■• :i • " r .-....- . -. : . .:,r .,-; ... •:
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Dann hat Paust ein Buch herausgegeben, von dem er selbst sagt (I.e. p, a 1 S)t Aus dem Titel des Jetzt sehr selten geworilenen Büchleins geht den Uich
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Observation 2. A few medical scholars are in the habit of giving the hard sound of c and g before e and y in words of Greek origin, on the
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healthy heterosexual twin of an AIDS patient. This study was able to effect marked clinical and imnunological recovery; however, we were unable to fully
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need an AIDS counterpart, crash-program similar to the Manhattan Project of Ttie National Acadany of Science was created by President Lincoln a
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velvet. Or oxasperatol by acid or other ncnd materials. To explain thoso effects, it is necessary to observe, id Iho fust place, that a close reciproeily of reeling in at all Linnoa
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forate the intestines, as is shewn by anatomy. If, however, it remains un- expelled in the stomach, eructations and heartburns arise, with many other
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[18], xviii, [2], 203, [i] p. illus., pi., facsim. 29«". speziell der anatomischen Graphik nach Handschriften des 9. bis
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rumen. Here it is subjected to a churning movement that mixes and presses the contents of the rumen forward in the direction
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as to the questioi whether mosquitoes which have bitten man atterwarcls bite Ravenna E Endocardite da carbonchio sintomatico e endocardite tossica
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7. Farrell, P. J., Balkow, M., Hunt, T., Jackson, R. J., 9. Tahara, S. M., Traugh, J. A., Sharp, S. B., Lundat T. S., Safer, B., and Merrick, W. C, Proc. Nat. Acad.
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parietal by conoidal ball. Lincoln Hosjiital, Washington. Removal of fragments .Vpril 18th. Death, April 23d, 1805. Autopsy
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Metachysis, met-ak f -is-is. The transfusion of blood. Metacinesis, met-as-in-e' -sis. A karyokinetic stage in which tl Metacondyle, met-ah-kon'-dll. The last phalanx of a finger.
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liernheim's patient has IxMiehted very much in lier left leg and iKjth arms, but still has pain at times in her right leg.
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sepulchre." On the textual side, the continuum between Mundino and Leon- ardo is filled in part by the anatomists Gabriele Zerbi (1468-1505), of Verona,
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work. As a result we have to record only two cases of typhoid, one in Texas and one in California, both ending in recovery, in the entire
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cleaned and moderately incarnated, and the parts have been bathed, we must remove tlie oblong pledget, and have recourse
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LEIN. It is said to possess the same virtues as the ver- denow, vol. ii. 999. The seeds are surrounded by an acid juice, and the fruits are dressed as alimentary sub-
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where they had remained on Mount Carniel from the time of Elisha the prophet. They assert that ' the sons of the prophets ' had con-
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bhis air, Iraos blath geal bhias air. Gladivs blaith croch- cunnail, steady; R.A. fixus; 31b n. i, 32b, n, 2. Cunnlacht.
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whether we are dealing with a true epilepsia tarda. Re this episode following bullet wound, the compiler has placed it after Mairet and Piron's case of Brown-Sequard
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medicine available for the "Western civilization that gotten that Salerno was the first university of mod ern times, and, above all, the first medical school
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track of the ball, which was six inches in length ; the posterior ])art of the right lobe of brain was protruding, ami in a state of
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1888 Pennell, Georg-e Herbert, M.D. Uxf., Buenos Ayres. 1890 Pennell, Theodore Leighton, M.D. Lend., Bannu, Punjab, India.
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of those habits of thought which education has made called diseases ; that tiiese diseases normally ran a certain course ; that their origin was not unconnected
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varicocele satisfactory. The patient in a semi-recumbent atti- tude, the surgeon grasps the scrotum with the left hand, the index
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vould bo to faror tba dcrelopinent of a collateral circulation, bout exposing the patient to new danger from too gniat collotera)
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sanatorium treatment of these cases as I know sanatoria. If the ideal sanatorium existed, the sanatorium plan would be ideal.
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admitted to medical schools in the United States during the academic year 1949-1950 had no better than a C-plus scholastic average in premedical college work. Many oth-
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chose que le sulfure de fer ; effectivement Alcoatim annonce deux variétés, l'une argentée, l'autre dorée; il préfère la dernière, qui est plus pesante.

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